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I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best | Poetry Anthology

Edited by Harry Burke with poems by Rachael Allen, Jayinee Basu, Gabby Bess, Crispin Best, Harry Burke, Sophie Collins, Carina Finn, Cassandra Gillig, Francesca Lisette, Luna Miguel, Marianne Morris, Sam Riviere, Bunny Rogers, Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga, Timothy Thornton & Vicki Tingle.

I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best is an experimental poetry anthology which brings together the work of 16 young poets whose work has been influenced by the digital age. The poems reflect new and innovative methods of poetic composition, with authors working in conjunction with the impersonal operations of algorithms and databases. Each of the poets whose work appears in the anthology has his or her own methods of engaging and interacting with computer or web-based technologies. This ranges from poems consisting of sequences of online search results, to works which take as their starting point the materials of social media.

To mark the release of a book engaged with the internet, an accompanying website is being developed by Harry Burke:

The book was designed by PWR Studio, a “cloud-based” studio with physical presence in Amsterdam and Berlin. This collaboration has enabled the production and aesthetics of the anthology to be situated within a design remit that understands the importance of web infrastructure and typography.

There will be a launch for the book at Arcadia Missa on 16 April 2014. The event will feature live readings by Rachael Allen, Sam Riviere, Crispin Best and Vicki Tingle, and transmissions of video readings by Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga and Gabby Bess. The evening will be introduced by Harry Burke.

Video footage from an event anticipating the anthology can be seen here.