Crisis Complex,

We understand the present as an era governed by neoliberal
and ecological concerns; a conflux of market and planetary
forces whose irreconcilable differences elicit a moment of
crisis, and its potential for resolve or rupture.

Artists’ strategies and their findings form part of a broad
public inquiry into these conditions. They reveal a cynicism
towards outmoded ideologies and instrumentalised politics,
and an interest in spiritual and occult means as a way to
navigate life in the ‘post-internet anthropocene’. We see an
ongoing interest in social processes and activities that locate
artists outside of the studio-gallery circuit such as hospitality,
teaching and learning. We see the ironic production of art
objects that self-critique their co-option into the commodity
cycle or test the capacity/inescapability of neoliberal
acculturation. We also see artists at work under these
conditions, confronting their own subjectivities to enact
and articulate new forms of sovereignty.

Crisis Complex calls upon art’s claim of autonomy; as a return
of the social, as an intellectual provocation and as a nascent
political field.

Heidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline, Ella Barclay, Carla Cescon,
Edgar Cobián, Tony Garifalakis, Francesca Heinz, Lise
Hovesen & Javier Rodriguez, Adam Norton, Joaquin
Segura, Takayuki Yamamoto and theweathergroup_U.

Alongside a forum, screening and conversations with
Cross Border Collective, The Otolith Group and
Mark Fisher, John von Sturmer and Jeremy Walker.

Crisis Complex is curated by Laura McLean and
Sumugan Sivanesan.