Corporate mystique – Artist’s Aura | Package Yourself

Featured img: Bernadette Corporation’s The Complete Poem installation at Greene Naftali (2009) via Rhizome 

Is this serious?

This is surely just the appropriation of the mystique of corporate opaqueness, by non-gender specific ‘male’-artists as a way to imbue a new artistic aura – or as  you might other wise describe it, the obfuscation of the means of production/transformation.
This complicity should not be the only site for the post-individual construct – this is a model where accountability is ‘learning from your mistakes and putting in measures to ensure it will not happen again’ – or –  fuck the means, fuck the end, we’re gonna just move forward. Where to? who cares just faster..

If on the other hand this is a renewed call for some incidental person-type institutional critique, there must be a secondary layer, where the group escapes, realises the surplus value (which ever equivalent to this they are searching) and escape the site of production/value extraction not simply recreating the image of the corporation:

“If having an identity is merely an excuse to be absorbed by consumer culture, the only sensible way to escape that assimilation is to align yourself with the corporate agencies of capital.”

So rather than simply aligning or making a cynical amalgam of corporate style gestures, this should be a true institutional critique, one where the infiltration into the system at stake serves to break it from the inside – not as this article suggests, to hide, chameleon-like in the semantic and processual shadows of the organisations. Moreover I would suggest that mimicking the opacity of these institutions is the most a coping strategy for the transparency and no-place to hide of the total-public (by which I mean public as it has come to be: as a legitimate site for financial, marketing and communicative exchange – eg the street, your telephone, your FB page or privately owned square/piazza) created by these very same corporations, neo-lib agendas (ideological and economic) and the post-institutional critique ruins. Whether this proposed strategy will prove to be the cancer in the system or a canny allowance in an internalised ideological logic of neo-liberalism and hence site for subsumption remains to be seen.