Two Evenings in Peckham / CMD PLUS

12th June:

An evening headlined by author and narrativist Stewart Home, who is currently preparing an LP to be released on the Test Centre spoken word label. Stewart will be joined by Katrina Palmer and Iphgenia Baal, two writers whose work equally promotes experimentalism and unconvention within the framework of the contemporary novel. These will be accompanied and interjected by poetry readings from Tim Cockburn, Harriet Moore and Harry Burke, in order to explore the space between the attack on and condensation of form.

29th June:

Clinic, a poetry collective from South London, invite Ugly Duckling Presse, an independent poetry press based in Brooklyn, to present a poetry reading spanning the Atlantic. From New York, and via Skype, we shall welcome Eugene Ostachevsky, Emily Toder, Catherine Taylor and Rachel Levitsky. Live, and less mediated, will be readings from Sophie Collins and Oli Hazzard. The evening intends to create transatlantic dialogue, as well as discussion around shortening the physical and poetic distance.